How to Join Rainbow Hamlets / Free Membership

Who Can Join?

Membership is free of charge. 
We welcome people from all backgrounds and of all identities on our journey.

Join us if you share our values to build diverse LGBT life, promote better services, defend LGBT people against hate crime, domestic abuse and defamation, and build good relations with our neighbours.

We ask only that you have some connection with Tower Hamlets or East London. We define that very broadly: from living, working and socialising; to family relationships; to getting services from, being a member of, or
volunteering with any locally based network or organisation. We include being involved with East London Pride.

If you are from elsewhere, with no local connection currently, but want to help Rainbow Hamlets, then email us first on so we can discuss how you can get involved.

Members’ Benefits

  • You will be kept informed, especially about things that matter to you;
  • You have a say at our Annual General Meetings and have a chance to question key figures in the area or influence policies/practices affecting LGBT lives;
  • You might be asked to help with your time, knowledge or even by making a donation;
  • You will be offered discounts to events from time to time.

How to Join

Just complete the membership form, which for clarity is on a different page. Your responses will help us:-

  • Get in touch if we are running targeted activities and consultations;
  • Improve our reach to people in particular life situations;
  • Make sure we have an inclusive and diverse membership;
  • Reflects members’ interests and experiences in our programme.

Take me to the form

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