Rainbow Hamlets Membership Form / Help us build LGBT community life in Tower Hamlets and the East End

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    Please read this. Here we explain what we are asking and why. Any information you give us is completely confidential and will never, ever be shared without your permission. Please click the red toggle for further details.

    We ask you how you want us to contact you. We invite you to  select what best describes your connection with the East End. Then we ask you to choose what activities interest and what issues concern you. All these are open check lists. 

    Finally we include diversity monitoring questions, mostly based on the 2011 census and Equality and Human Rights Commission templates, but with more meaningful sexual orientation and gender identity questions. You can choose to miss all or any part of that section — the default answer is that ‘you do not wish to say’.

    However, we believe it is crucial that services to LGBT people monitor our communities experience, in all our
    diversity, and that we have to break the taboo about asking the questions.

    We also recognise that identity is not one-dimensional for many people; for some of us there are multiple community affinities, and complex experiences of prejudice and exclusion. Every answer is equally valid and there is no judgement. To repeat any information you give us is completely confidential and will never, ever be shared without your permission; that is why we encourage you to take five minutes to complete this form.

    If you arrived on this page without finding out more about joining Rainbow Hamlets please click here

Your contact information

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Your East End Connections

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What activities interest you?

What issues concern you?


Recognising Our Diversity

These questions are presented alphabetically, based on the Census, and expanded where it serves our community better. You can choose to leave this section out, but we would urge you to complete it, as we explained above. All responses are confidential.

Remember to complete the Final Formalities section below and click submit.

Your Age

Your Disability

We believe that people are disabled by the barriers society places in their way and not by their own impairments. Providing this information will allow us to monitor our commitment to promoting diversity and developing an organisation where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

Your Ethnic Group

Your Religion or Belief

Your Gender

Your Sexual Orientation

Do you take care of a friend, neighbour or relative?

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