Holocaust Memorial Day and LGBT Materials

This year Holocaust Memorial Day has the theme Journeys. We mark it two ways. With a unique commemorative event, and the publication of online materials about the LGBT experience, including links to hidden online materials and new documents.

Journeys themselves became part of genocide and persecution, and how the journeys undertaken were often experiences of terror for so many people who suffered in the Holocaust, under Nazi Persecution and in the subsequent genocides and hate campaigns. This includes LGBT people today.

Join Rainbow Hamlets for a special Holocaust Memorial Day event that marks the opening of our new service to LGBT people in Tower Hamlets and East London, our LGBT history and culture programme, and specially commissioned educational materials about LGBT experience of Nazi persecution. In the presence of the Mayor of Tower Hamlets, this is an important occasion for London’s LGBT communities.

Jewish, LGBT, Muslim, and African personal testimonies will be combined in a unique ceremony, taking us on a journey from Pre War Berlin to 1990s Bosnia to contemporary Uganda.

Holocaust Memorial Day is dedicated to remembering all victims of Nazi racial theories, subsequent genocides and hate crime today so that we can together build a world free of hatred and intolerance.

Free and open to all, we warmly welcome LGBT people and organisations from Tower Hamlets and beyond.

We also extend an invitation to all our friends across the community, to join together in common cause against hatred and discrimination.

Contributors include:

  • Jack Gilbert is one of the founders of Holocaust Memorial Day in Britain and the Pink Triangle Coalition internationally.
  • Kemal Pervanic, a survivor of the notorious Omarska concentration camp, which was set up by Bosnian Serb forces for Muslims in the early days of the Bosnian War.
  • Edwin Sesange, Director and co-founder of Out & Proud Diamond Group, who has taken a leading role campaigning against anti-gay persecution in Uganda.

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We have curated a host of materials exploring the impact of the Nazi era on LGBT life.

Amongst the information and stories, readings and research, you will find a 1919 public education film from the ‘Einstein of Sec’ Dr Magnus Hirschfeld, Berlin-based exhibits, and the first submission to the international community documenting LGBT experience.

You will also learn how the Allies and German Federal authorities did not recognise LGBT victims even when they had been subjected to the most inhuman treatment.

At this time of rising persecution of LGBT people in places like Uganda and Russia, and growing extremism at home, we believe that the echoes from history should never be forgotten. This is a start to an ongoing programme of resource development. Let us know what you would like to see us add.

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Produced with the support of London Borough of Tower Hamlets