Albrecht Becker — Survivor

Albrecht Becker was an actor and production designer.  He lived with his partner, the Director of the State Archive, in Würzburg, a town in the southern state of Bavaria.  Also living in Würzburg was a Jewish wine merchant and Swiss citizen, Dr Leopold Obermayer.  When Obermayer complained to the local police that his mail was being opened, the Gestapo investigated him further, and a number of photographs of  men were found in his safe.  One of these photographs was of Albrecht Becker. (For more on his fate, see the section on Dr Leopold Obermeyer.)

Albrecht Becker was also arrested and put on trial, after which he was sent to Nürnburg Prison. Towards the end of the war, when more soldiers were needed, some gay men were released in order to help the war effort; Albrecht was among these.  Having no option but to go into the German army, he was sent to the Russian front.

Soldiers who were sent here rarely survived for long and suffered extreme privations.  However, Becker did manage to survive and was able to return to working in the film industry after the war where he became well known internationally.   He died in 2002.