Take the Cultural Initiative

Do you have an idea for a regular activity or simple project that brings LGBT people together? Would you like to organise something? Our Take the Cultural Initiative scheme can offer up to £250 to make a simple local idea happen.

We want to hear your ideas and work in partnership to get it up and running!

We are dedicated to building local LGBT community life and combatting isolation. To support us the local authority has given us funds to realise as many very small scale local cultural activities as possible. These could be social occasions related to LGBT identities, Pride or history, any form of arts and crafts, or sports. Or any combination. These could be regular activities. (Examples might be a book club, film nights, a cycling group, or a knittiing circle.) Or they might be short run initiatives (for example in connection with the International Day Against Homophobia or East London Pride or local LGBT participation in wider events, or community arts.).

Our LGBT community is very diverse. so we want to encourage ideas from LGBT people who identify as deaf or disabled, of all ages, cultures, faiths, races, and gender identifications.

We are particularly interested to hear about initiatives that can:

  • Provide an opportunity for LGBT people to meet and socialise outside of the usual (commercial) venues
  • Celebrate LGBT lives and identities
  • Bring LGBT people together around a shared hobby or interest
  • Cross generations
  • Reach out to and include members of the LGBT community who are underserved locally.

If you have an idea and want to work together to try and make it happen, even if you need help developing it, please complete the response section below

We will get in touch for a chat. Provided you meet our basic criteria, we will walk you through the decision-making process, discuss ways we can work with you to develop the idea and work on the detail. We will then resource as many of your ideas as we can! And if we get more than we can manage in the first wave, we will fund raise to support more!

We aim to make the decision-making process easy and straightforward. We have done what we can to minimise bureaucracy and form filling.

Take the Cultural Initiative Criteria

Your initiative must meet the following criteria:-

  • be based in Tower Hamlets for people who live, work or study in Tower Hamlets
  • be a one-off or a regular event (for regular events we will normally resource 6 sessions in the first instance)
  • be promoted publicly
  • be planned and organised in a way which is fair and inclusive
  • be run by enough volunteers to make it viable
  • be in accordance with Rainbow Hamlets policies and practices
  • be non commercial and not for profit
  • not be party political

What we can offer you within our cultural programme

  • Support to develop your idea
  • Help recruiting and training the organising committee if required
  • Help with planning and promoting the initiative to make it successful
  • A free community venue/meeting room on Wednesday evenings for the initiative or your committee
  • Support and resources to make your ideas happen as part of the Rainbow Hamlets family

These are designed to be small scale volunteer organised ideas. We can spend up to £250 to help make it happen through this scheme. If your idea needs more resource than is available through Take the Cultural Initiative, we may look at ways to address it in other ways.

Take the Initiative and get in touch today!

All information given to Rainbow Hamlets is treated confidentially in accordance with our privacy policies and will not be shared with third parties without consent.