Hate crime

Experienced a hate-related incident? Whatever it is, we would like to know. 

We are totally confidential.

We can take a third party report and withhold your name if you do not want to tell the police, or we can support you through the reporting process and answer any concerns you have beforehand.

We would like you to tell us about every single occurrence, even a one-off occasion of verbal abuse. That way we can monitor where there incidents are taking place, identify incidents involving potentially related perpetrators (e.g. gangs) and work with the council and the police to deal with them.

We also offer a comprehensive casework service to support individuals who have experienced homophobic or transphobic violence, or multiple incidents, or have other support needs in housing, health or mental health.

Remember in an emergency, or if you can see the perpetrators, always call 999. You can also make an appointment with the police to make a report by calling 101.

Whether you have told the police or not, email us on reports@rainbowhamlets.org so we can track the incident and also support you. Alternatively you can call us on 020 7364 7003 during office hours (do not worry about leaving a message). If you have been given a reference please let us have it. 

In the coming months all LGBT hate crime victims will be given some material about our services by the local police.