Health & Wellbeing

We work to support LGBT+ people’s health and wellbeing in a variety of ways. There is one-to-one casework, supported and anonymous hate crime reporting,  joint work with other LGBT+ agencies and local organisations, support groups, smoking reduction campaigns, events, and research. For more information, to get help or to volunteer please email


We have established an innovative, completely confidential casework service for LGBT+ people who have experienced:

  • Homophobic or transphobic hate crime
  • Domestic abuse (including same sex and family abuse)/li>
  • Discrimination accessing housing
  • Barriers getting appropriate health, social care, mental health or other services.

Our staff includes a qualified Independent Domestic Violence Advocate (IDVA), a hate crime and policing expert, together with counselling, psychological and support work experience spanning decades.

We are the only LGBT+ service to offer a Bengali speaker. We are also the only service in London to offer this 360° integrated service approach targeting LGB&T people.

As full members of the Hate Incident Panel and Multi Agency Risk Assessment Committee (MARAC), we have built two-way referral pathways with other agencies and a very effective relationship with the Community Safety Unit of the local police and the mental health trust. This means we can escalate cases to do our best to ensure people get the service they need.

Our cases are as diverse as the local population and often includes any combination of: a background of family abuse, gender identity, sexual identity, faith/cultural issues, mental health, and deaf and disabled people.   Although initially offered in Tower Hamlets, our goal is to extend this service across inner east London.

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